Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sterilizing your Makeup Tools

Before I went to beauty school I never disinfected by tools like hair clips, nail clips etc... Now I keep a clean container under my vanity just for disinfecting my tools on a monthly time frame. I purchase my disinfected at Sally's Beauty supply store. It's called Hydrox Hyrdrocide. It's a hospital grade disinfected that I use for my tools. The basic mixture is 2 oz. to 1 gallon. For my small container I just use a teaspoon of Hydrox. I submerge my tools into the mixture for about 15 minutes. I use tongs to remove my tools, and rinse under water. I lay all my tools out on a clean towel to dry. Then I put away. I do this every month. Something you might want to think about doing yourself. We all share grooming tools, so it's the best way to clean tools.

Organize your Makeup

I finally found away to organize my growing makeup collection. Every morning I was leaving the house with a big mess for me to clean up later. Now it's easy! Here's what I did... First I bought these great vanity organizers from Target. They help with organizing my drawers, and my vanity surface. At Michael's craft store I purchased these clear beads in the floral section to hold my makeup brushes. At the dollar store I bought a filing stand to organize my makeup palettes. Now everything has a place, and it's easy for me to clean up after myself before I leave for work. No more after work frustration!!!

Antique Inspirations

I love antique shopping!!! I miss it so much. My mom and I had a blast going from shop to shop checkout all these great antique finds. My home decor has a touch of this beautiful, soft, nostalgic feel. It's so cozy, comfortable, and inviting. I love it! I hope everyone gives antique shopping a try...

Crafting Inspiration

I recently spent sometime in my old stomping grounds... The White Mountains of Arizona. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed browsing the gift shops there. Here's a few samples of all the wonderful craft inspirations I found. I can't wait to reproduct some of these beautiful ideas.