Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grandma "Mero's" Cookbook

I thought I would share this family cookbook with you Flora's Kitchen Recipes from a New Mexico Family by Regina Romero. John's mother wrote this New Mexico style cookbook in 1997. I was pregnant with my first son Sage, and during this time I was very interested in family history. Since I was getting ready to have my first child, I felt I needed to know more about our family trees. When I first read this book I was surprised to learn about how each one of these recipes was connected to family members, family events, and family stories. I love my mother in laws cooking. I make many of these recipes from this book for my family, but when I do. I often relive, in my head, the cherish family stories of the author Regina Romero. I'm thankful for her efforts to retell her cherish, childhood memories in her cookbook for me to share with my beautiful children, and our future gene pool. On behalf of my 3 beautiful monkeys............ "Thank you Grandma Mero."

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