Friday, June 13, 2008

Creating your own Stencil

While we were still living in Phoenix I attended a stenciling class at Michael's craft store. I learned how to create a stencil by using freezer wrap paper. I've created many stencils using this method for many family, and friends over the years. You can also stencil on wood, and stretch canvas. This project is time consuming, but it's worth the effort. You can create images of your kids, favorite themes, activities, favorite characters, or special quotes. I something see pictures at stores, and take a photo of it with my camera photo. Then I come home and freehand the image on to freezer wrap paper. For me it's less experience than purchasing from a store, and more rewarding because I created something special for my monkeys. On the photos below I stencil an image, and a quote for Kaya's room. I saw this pretty wall hanging in a magazine, and decided I would try to recreate that image for my special quote. When Kaya was younger she would sometimes get scared of going to sleep in her room by herself. I use to give her suggestions of what to dream about to take her mind of all the negative thoughts in her little head. Now each night before she goes to bed I tell her to dream about "Ponies and Cupcakes." So that is why I made this stencil using that special quote. Here's how.

Supplies: image you want to create, freeze wrap paper, x-acto knife, cutting pad, pencil, advesive spray( I used a repositional spray, and an extra strength spray advesive), blue painters tape, stencil brushes, acrylic paint, scissors, paper bowl, and ladder.

First determine how large you want your stencil to be. I often tape together several layers of freezer wrap paper to create a big enough stencil for the wall. Use a pencil to freehand your image on to the freezer wrap paper. You should be drawing on the paper side. The waxy side should be facing down. Then you place a cutting pad underneath the stencil, and cut image out using an x-acto knife. Save all cut out pieces you may need them. Spray adhesive on to waxy side of stencil. Position on wall. Use blue painters tape if needed. Place acrylic paint into paper bowl, and carefully dab stencil with loaded stencil brush. Be careful not to use too much paint. You don't want the paint to bleed underneath your stencil. Coat image several time with paint. You can lift stencil to check if you are happy with how it looks. If your satisfied, peel off stencil. Your done! Like I've said this is a time consuming project, but it's fun to do. If anyone needs any help with your stenciling project let me know I would be glad to give a hand.
Image from magazine.
Cutting out stencil.
Filling in stencil. Waiting for it to dry to add 2nd stencil.
First stencil image is dry.
Cutting out letters on 2nd stencil.
Positioning 2nd stencil.
Finished photograph!!! I love the way it came out. Now Kaya can read it every night.
Here's a larger stencil I did in Kaya's room in Texas.
Here's Remy's room in Phoenix.
Remy's room

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