Monday, June 30, 2008

Decorative Corkboard for Computer Armoire

I am so tired of writing down information on a billion pieces of paper, and then forgetting where I put that note! I'm getting old, and I need some help! Well I've taken the large corkboard idea, and minimized it to fit inside my computer armoire. I've decided that I need to maximum every inch of this craft/computer/office room because I can't stand the clutter! I so wish it's was Fall. I really need to get down to IKEA in Phoenix! Well here's what you will need.

Supplies: Package of precut square corkboard( I found mine at Walmart), fabric, spray adhesive, scissors, box cutter, ribbons, decorative nails(Joann's), and hammer.
Cut corkboard to size using a box cutter. Cut fabric a little larger than corkboard pieces. Spray adhesive on wrong side of fabric. Lay corkboard on top and press down firmly. Fold fabric edges in until sides are all taut. I sprayed adhesive onto surface I was attaching square corkboards too. Decorate edges with ribbon, and fasten with decorative nails. This project is not to time consuming, and it will help with my overall need for organization.

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