Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fabric Paint and a T-shirt

Father's Day is coming up soon, so I wanted to do something special for John. I decide to take some plain t-shirts, and personalize them with images of the kids. I know he will love them. This project would make a great gift for any occasion. I like the idea of taking those action photos that we all have of our little monkeys, and putting them out for the world to see! Just one more way to show off our favorite people. This project was a little time consuming. Only because you have to be careful cutting out the images. Other than that it's easy. Here's how.

Supplies: t-shirt, rubber mat, x-acto knife, fabric paint, photograph (on plain computer paper),spray adhesive, stencil brush, and freeze wrap paper(optional).

First I printed an image off the computer. I played with the photo sizing a little bit until I got the image size I wanted. I printed off in black and white. I thought this would save ink, and help me cut out the image easier. Next I placed image on rubber mat, and cut out with x-acto knife. Once I created my stencil I just sprayed the back with adhesive until tacky. Place stencil on t-shirt. I placed a piece of freeze wrap paper on the inside of t-shirt in case paint bleed through. Use a stencil brush to apply fabric paint. Load brush lightly, and dab on gently. Once it's completely covered carefully peel off paper stencil. Let dry according to direction. That's it! Now get out there and find some monkey images to copy. Have Fun!!!

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