Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homemade Towel Hoodies

I originally saw this on the Unnecessary Necessities blog. Amber has such good ideas. I enjoy trying out many of them! I've had this project on the back of my mind for a while, but when I was in Target the other day. Many of there summer items are now on sale, so I pick up beach towels at a great price. I decided to use hand towels for the hood since my monkeys are a little bigger. This was a fun project, and as usual easy!

Supplies: Towel, hand towel, straight pins, sewing machine, thread, and I embellished the hand towel with ribbon.

Fold hand towel in half. Pin hood shape, or you can pin one side along edge. Make sure if you are using a decorative towel like I did. The decorative side is folded inward, so after sewing the towel you can turn the hood outside right. (Hope that not confusing?) Sew hood on machine. I found it difficult to sew just with the machine, so I also hand stitched where needed. At this point, turn hood inside right, and cut off extra fabric. I ironed on stitch witchery to the ribbon then used the sewing machine to secure ribbon. Pin hood to towel(see picture below) then sew. Finally I hand stitched where needed.

Remy was too shy to pose, so cousin Jess stepped in to model.

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