Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cocktails Anyone?

Lately I enjoy talking about wines, and different types of beer with our friends. I decided to share a few recipes that are simple, and popular with company. The first one is a recipe my friend Lavonne introduced me to while I was still a single gal. Over the years I've continued using her recipe she called "Sip and Go naked!" I've used this recipe at baby showers to holiday celebration.

Ingredients: 1 can frozen pink lemonade, 3 cans of a beer of your choice, and 1 shot of vodka.
In pitcher combine all ingredients and serve. That's it! It's delicious, and don't be surprised if friends ask you for the recipe.
My friend Stephanie shared this next cocktail recipe with me at a recent cook out. Boxed wine! Yes, I said boxed wine. Now don't be too snobby to give it another chance. This stuff has come along way. After taking your first sip you will be surprisingly happy. I was!
Ingredients: Franzia chillable red wine boxed, and Smirnoff ice.
All you need to do is mix the two, and toast! It's refreshing. My friend Stephanie, and I enjoy this one all night.

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