Friday, September 12, 2008

Halloween Blankets

The holiday season is in the air!

I've been in a sewing mood, but still only want to do easy projects. I've never made the monkeys holiday blankets, so I decided to give it a shot this year.

Here are my supplies: Decorative fabric cotton, fleece fabric, matching thread, batting, Heat n Bond, and bias tape double single fold.
Wash, and iron fabric. Layer fabric, batting, fabric. All right side out. Pin, and trim excess fabric off. I used a fabric mat, and a rolling fabric cutter to do this. Iron Heat n Bond to bias tape as directed. Fold bias tape in half, and wrap around edge of blanket, and iron on. Sew edge with machine, or whip stitch edge like I did with embroidery thread. If you like you can embellish your blanket with words, or images. I back stitched a cob web, and the word BOO! The project is very similar to the baby blanket project I blogged about. Check out those photos.

Here's Remy my monkey with his blanket. He sleeps with it every night. I'm glad I made this for him. One down, and two more to go...

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