Monday, June 15, 2009

My new favorite hair care products

I have discovered some new hair care products that I have grown to love. I've been experimenting with different brands but these are my new favorites. American Crew pomade is great for defining the hair. It's smooth, and easy to use. Bio Silk Therapy I use on my hair after styling. It gives my hair a beautiful shine which I get many compliments on. Love it. Biolage by Matrix Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Balm is my favorite conditioner. I've been using a lot of heat on my hair which makes it brittle. This conditioner repairs the damage I've done. CHI Thermal protective spray. I use this product on my hair before using any heat tools. It protect my hair from heat damage. Gatsby Wax is an awesome product for spiky hair with crazy volume. It holds the best, and makes styling a breeze. Great for faux hawk, and detailed hair arrangement. I love my Big Sexy Hair hairspray. Holds like glue, and doesn't have a build up. Along with Matrix Balm I use the Matrix Shampoo. Lathers great, and smells yummy. Matrix Vazoom mousse doesn't get flaky, and holds up my heavy hair. I hope you try any of these products.

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