Monday, August 2, 2010

Circle runners

1st trace two different size circles on to manilla folders. Cut out with x-acto knife on mat.
Place circles on to ironed fabric, and cut fabric 1/2" from edge. I also cut corners off.
Place circle outline, fabric, and in close into aluminum foil, and iron edges. Let cool.

Remove fabric circles. Iron on heat & bond paper on to smaller circle to adhere to the larger one. Apply heat & bond to larger circle. Embroider edge . Now add same size fabric circle to the under size, and iron.
While we were in Albuquerque I was able to purchase some beautiful fabric for Kaya's room. I wanted to make these circle runner which I saw a tutorial for on Anna Marie Horner blog site. I've been wanted to do this project for a while now, so I was really happy when I finally got the chance to use this idea in my monkey's room. They really are unique. Now I just need to figure out when else to add circle runners???

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