Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burlap rosettes

It's been a while since I focused on crafting; however, my new business has absorbed my focus lately. I recently did an all day bridal photo shoot, and that inspired me to craft again. I said to myself "How could I make the photos better?" Crafting that's how!!! My 1st love... It felt amazing coming to this conclusion. How unexpected how things can come full circle. I had to take a moment... Okay! I've been interested in burlap for awhile, so I started there. It's actually an easy fabric to alter. I wasn't expecting that. For the construction of the rosettes, I basically cut a 2" strip. I folded in half (the long way), and tied a knot at one end. Then I folded the remaining strip in half, and coiled around the set up knot with occasional twisting of the folded burlap. I hot glued the flower where I needed extra support. I added burlap to my oversize message board. I bought a dollar store trash can then added burlap. I even added burlap to my nail file holder. The black ribbon in the center is added ribbon to the initial knot I made to start the rosette project. I'm thrilled with the final look. I can't wait to make more burlap rosettes for future photo shoots, but more than that I'm happy to be crafting again....

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