Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shellac nails anyone???

One of the best investments I have ever made! I am a big Shellac lover, or I should say correctly "Gel Polish Lover."  People get confused by Gel Polish, Manicure overlay, Gel Manicure, and Shellac. Well all these names fall under the umbrella of Gel Polish. They brand name may be called "Shellac", but they are all soft gel products. I do a lot of nails for brides, and the one thing I notice is I hear more complaints about a French manicure gone wrong, and sometimes right before the I do's. I also suggest to all my brides to get a thorough manicure, and then a gel polish French manicure. This will ensure they will have no problems before, during, or after the wedding. They are easy to apply, remove, stay shiny, and last up to 14 days. I love them!  Next time you're thinking about getting a French manicure.... think about getting a gel polish French. I should also warn you that not all manicurist are well trained in the practice of gel polish, so follow your gut instinct.  Happy fingers!

Fabric Flowers

I needed to find an economical way to display 8 x10 photographs of my work with clients, so I decided on just using plain black poster board accented with fabric flowers, and organza. I added black ribbon to the center of the flower to give it some "pop", but I love how they came out. They softened the hard edges of the poster board, and I liked the 3 dimensional look it give my photos.

Organza Hair Accessories for everyone...

At this same bridal fair, I needed to pass out a free item to all booth guests. I decided to make a ton of these organza flowers since I love the way they look in updos. They are really easy to make, and very affordable for me. I had a ton of these lefted over, so I'm planning on using them to accent something for my little monkey.

Burlap Art, Flowers, & accessories

I received had my own booth at a Bridal Happy Hour to advertise my business. I really wanted my booth to represent me, so I thought it would be a great idea to make burlap, canvas coverages over a plain artist canvas. They looks so great, I decided to create word stencils out of freezer wrap paper, and cut out with an x-acto knife. I laid the stencil over the burlap canvas, and used a foam paint brush to add black craft paint. I made a rosettes out of burlap, and pink ribbon for the centers. I love how they came out, and I really thought it really shows that I am a creative person at heart. I like the rosettes so much I decided to make a few hair accessories out of them also. I can envision these rosettes on a lapel of a men's sports jacket for a beautiful country wedding. I hope you like!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interesting Back to School Lunch Ideas

Well it's that time of year that all our monkeys are back in school. It's been great for the kids seeing old friends, and familiar teachers. I love the idea of being back on a regular routine, and having some me time! Of course we all promise ourselves that this year we are going to be more organized, stay on top of all their activities, and make homemade lunches. I'm not a fan of school lunches. I know it's convenience, but have you seen school lunches? Canned, frozen entrees, and for some strange reason everything is yellow in color? Not my idea of a healthy lunch. Scary is more like it... For you moms thinking about what to do for home lunch ideas. Here's a few I found on the Food Network website. I also get stuck with being creative with lunches, so here's a few interesting back to school lunch ideas. Check it out!