Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interesting Back to School Lunch Ideas

Well it's that time of year that all our monkeys are back in school. It's been great for the kids seeing old friends, and familiar teachers. I love the idea of being back on a regular routine, and having some me time! Of course we all promise ourselves that this year we are going to be more organized, stay on top of all their activities, and make homemade lunches. I'm not a fan of school lunches. I know it's convenience, but have you seen school lunches? Canned, frozen entrees, and for some strange reason everything is yellow in color? Not my idea of a healthy lunch. Scary is more like it... For you moms thinking about what to do for home lunch ideas. Here's a few I found on the Food Network website. I also get stuck with being creative with lunches, so here's a few interesting back to school lunch ideas. Check it out!

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