Friday, April 4, 2008

Build your own Wall Hooks

I've been looking for a wall peg board for my hallway which leads to our garage. I hate it when the kids come home and throw everything on to the floor. I, of course usually end up picking everything up and hanging stuff on door knobs. Not attractive at all. I've been shopping around town looking for the perfect wall hanger, but everything I found was just too short in length, and overpriced. I decided to build my own. I measured the length of the wall then headed out to Home Depot and pick up a piece of wood. I found these great hooks at Target. Here's how I assembled everything.

Supplies: Piece of raw wood, glossy paint, hooks, 3" drywall screws,electric drill, and leveler.

First paint the wood with several coats. I only painted front and sides. Use formula: length in inches x number of hooks plus one. This will give you how many inches each hook should be spaced apart. For example: my measurement for my project were 60" x 9 = 6.6" Every 6.6" on my board I placed a hook. Predrill the holes, so the wood won't split. I used drywall screws instead of the screws that came with the hooks. This way, I know the hooks will hold a lot of weight. Now I have plenty of hooks for the whole family. No more stuff on the floors, and one less thing for me to pick up. Yee haw!

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