Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My friend the Runner Bloom

I recently starting walking, and now running again. Those of you who know me well know that I love to run. I enjoy running in all kinds of terrain. Just as long as I feel at peace, and I can be around nature I'm good. That's where Bloom our family dog comes in. She has a sweet disposition, and kind eyes. I've learned to appreciate her presents because there was a time I could not stand that salamander dog. I know... I'm a bad mother. I've just never been a dog person, but now since all the kids are in school full time. Well, I have learned that she is my steady rock. She is now my friend, and we enjoy spending time running, or walking together. I like that Bloom is always ready for anything I'm up for. Now that's my kind of training partner. On the days, running can't be fit into the schedule due to weather, or errands. We enjoy walking on the trendmill together. When I'm not available to participate. I always make sure she get her walking time in. That's what friends are for. So Bloom and I just want to say "get outside, and enjoy a walk or run with a friend".

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