Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bedroom, or Craft Room?

We have a down stair bedroom that we thought we would use for a guest room, but it seems that it's turned into the catch all room, hockey room, computer room, and work out room. It's looks a messy! The decision has been made by me to scrap the guest room. After seeing these great craft room on YouTube.com (thanks Shoot991!), and other blogs. I've decided to create a craft room for everyone. I can't wait to get down to the IKEA store in Phoenix (too bad they don't deliver to Flag)!!! So here' are some before photos, and progress photos. I can't wait to share my finished photos.
Has anyone ever painted a room red? I've painted many a house in my day, but this was the hardest paint job I've ever experienced. Just to paint one room red I used a primer coat, and four coats of red paint to get my finished results. It's was a pain, but I think well worth it.

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