Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Solar Smores Maker

I saw this article in a Family Fun Magazine about how to make your own solar smores maker. I knew I had to try this out for the monkeys! It's a project that Sage helped me create. I was at Sam's Club one day, and I asked for an unused pizza box. We took it home, and we assembled everything. The only problem was all the smore ingredients kept turning up empty. First the marshmallows went missing than the graham crackers. I was lucky enough to finally get enough of everything to try to do this project! The kids thought this was a fun thing to do on a boring, hot, afternoon. One change I would make in assembling ingredients is I would melt the marshmallow first than placed the chocolate on last. The chocolate melted really fast, and caused a lot of mess. I can see us using this for camp outs, and the monkeys can use this independently without any help from their old, and tired parents.
Supplies: Pizza box, foil, black construction paper, hot glue, clear plastic, tape, stick, and x- acto knife.
Ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

Cut out a "U" shape on top of pizza box using an x-acto knife. Fold uncut edge away from from box. Cover opening with clear plastic wrap. Use tape,or hot glue to secure. On inside of pizza box. Line with foil, and glue down. Place black construction paper on top of foil. Then on the top of pizza box which has been bent back. Cover this area with foil, and glue down. Secure all box edges with tape. Take outside on wind free day. Place on ground. Place graham crackers on construction paper. Then place marshmallows on top. Cover with plastic pizza top. Use stick to hold foil lid to angle sunlight on to smores. Once marshmallow have almost done. Add chocolate. The chocolate melts fast. Take out, and enjoy!

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