Friday, October 3, 2008

Homemade Pumpkins

I was making more of these holiday pumpkins, so I decide to photograph the process. Mainly for my own reference because I was afraid I'll lose the link to the instructions. Here a photo tour.

Cut 2 squares any size. Fold in half, and pin. Stitch folded corner.
Cut off extra fabric
Make pumpkins stems, and stuff.
Open up stitched squares, and pin right sides together with finished pumpkins stem. Make sure stem has unfinished edge at top of pumpkin, and pin. Like shown above.
Outline your curve with pen.
Start sewing from botton, and follow line guide.
Trim off extra fabric.
Turn inside right. Now stuff! You can weight down pumpkin with a rice pouch, or hand stitch close.
I love them, and they are so easy. Thanks Amber!

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