Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homemade Snowmen

I love making Christmas decorations with my monkeys. We usually do this project each year with the kids to get into the holiday mood. We first starting making these snowmen when we lived in Show Low. This is one of those great Christmas projects to do with a lot of the friends.

Supplies: Dollar store socks (1 black, 1 white), scrap fabric, decorative button, scissors, hot glue gun, rice, rubber band, batching, cardboard or card stock, and a needle and thread.
First cut out a round piece of cardboard to use at the base of the snowman. Insert cut out cardboard into 1 sock. Add about 1 cup rice. The rice is needed to weigh down your snowman. Then add batching. Make your snowman as tall as you like then cut off extra sock at the top of his head. Tie loose end with a rubber band. The opening will be covered up with the snowman's hat. Next tie scrap fabric around neck, or cut out black sock ring to make snowman scarf. Now take black sock and cut off about 5 inches to make snowman hat. Tie loose end with a rubber band. Place on head of snowman. At this point you can hot glue decorative buttons, or stitch a face on your snowman. Anything you like. Usually my monkeys tell me how they want their snowman to look like. I hope you give this one a try with your little monkeys!

Aunt Tracy made this Santa plate for the monkeys. I thought this was a great idea, and gift to give to others. Now we can use this every Christmas Eve, and know that it was especially made by Aunt Tracy. Thanks a bunch!
The Christmas cookies, and Rice Crispy Treats were given to us by Grandma Celestine. I love how she decorated the tops of the sorted cookies with edible holly. She made them the same way she made the Rice Crispy Treats except she used corn flakes, and added red M & M's to the mixture. How clever was she. Great ideas are worth passing on. I can't wait to try this one next year. Thanks Grandma!!!

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