Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Revolutionary Road and more...

It's been snowing a lot, and my little, white, Mickey Mouse van doesn't drive to well in the snow. I've been doing alot of reading because of it, but I think I've gone alittle crazy about it. I'm a morning person, so most days I'm up at 4 ,or 5 in the morning everyday. It's the best time to read!!! I love having the peace of the house to myself with the comfort of the warm flame to keep me company. In those early hours I've been enjoying books like Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road, and Nicholas Sparks' books. They have been such good reads that I've been able to complete 3 books in a weeks time.
I've been inspired to read Revolutionary Road after seeing the promotions for the movie on TV. It's looks so good, but after reading this book. I was so heart broken for a while after I completed this book. The last few chapters were so difficult to read for me. My sweet, little Kaya was so caring, and kept wiping away my tears. I recommend this book. It's a exceptional read!
Nights in Rodanthe was a love story about hope, forgiveness, and possiblility of love at any age. This was a easy read. I seem to have read much of this book while on the go. Any free moment I had I whip this paperbook out of my bag, and read a few pages. I felt so hopeful after finishing this book. It makes you feel that love, and understanding is the answer. Now I can't wait to watch the movie!

I first fell in love with the movie. I rented, and watch this while the monkeys were at school with my sister Carla. We both fell in love with The Notebook. I finally read the book. I thought the book captured the essence of the book very well, but reading this book is something I can see myself doing once a year. It's one of those books you don't pass on to others. It's a book you want to keep for yourself, and read every so often. I would definitely encourage others to get a copy for themselves. Enjoy!

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