Friday, July 31, 2009

Felt wands

I made wands for my little monkey's 7th birthday party. I used dollar store felt prints, and wooden dowels from Michaels. Painted dowels, and hot glued felt prints. I accessorized with ribbons. They came out beautiful. I can't wait to pass them out during the princess party.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Green chili sauce

Each year during the harvesting season my mother in law "Grandma Mero" brings us fresh roasted green chili. It's a staple in our kitchen, and a must to have in the freeze for year around.
Here's how to prepare the sauce.
Remove the roasted skin off the chili. Remove the stem of the chili. Remove as much, or as little of the seeds as you want. The seeds give the sauce it's heat. Rinse with water. Place chili in blender. Add 4 peeled clove garlic, chicken broth, and salt for taste. Blend away. Now test sauce. If the sauce is too bland then add more salt.
I usually make a lot to freeze, and use for green chili chicken enchiladas.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm a Spa Girl!

I am now a true believer in Spa girls mircoDermabrasion. I was one of those gals who never wore sunscreen until my late 30's. Now my pretty skin has started to get brown spots, dark freckles, wrinkles. AHHH! I became obsessed with costly skincare products, and chemical peels. I was putting the family in the poor house. I was fortunate enough to have receive information, and training at school recently about Spa Girl. Now I get a lot of compliments on my skin, and how flawless it looks. That's something I haven't heard in a while, but the best part is I can provide this service to myself in the comfort of my own home.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Barefoot Contessa itch

I've had another cooking itch. My favorite Food Network artist is Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa. My little monkey and I love to watch her show together then do our best to recreate her dishes. This week we did sticky buns, and baked shrimp scampi. They can out great! Click on the links to show you how.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Making your own Colored hair extension photos

Here are the supplies you will need for colored hair extensions
I used hair clips for hold the hair still while I apply color.
Color applied. Now cover with foil, and head with blow dryer.
Same thing, but used purple color.
Here's a photo of how this looks in hair. I love that I don't have to color my hair,but can switch out to different colors. Here's the tutorial link again.

Grilled cream cheese peppers

My girlfriend Leticia brought these to school for lunch. I couldn't stop eating them. They were so yummy. That night I stopped at the market, and bought all the ingredients. I went home, and John grilled them up. I think that was pretty much his dinner. You have to try these. It's a must!

Here's how: Bacon (good bacon), yellow peppers, precooked shrimp, cream cheese, and toothpicks.

Cut off heads of peppers. Discard heads. Now rinse peppers in water. Fill the peppers half way with cream cheese, then place a cooked shrimp in center. Fill the remaining pepper with cream cheese. Take a slice of bacon, and wrap around pepper covering the opening. Now secure with a toothpick. Grill until bacon is crispy. Serve warm. Once you make these they will quickly become a staple for your grill.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eyebrow Shaping

The eyebrow threading has been a big hit. I just did my sisters this weekend. I've gotten a lot of questions on how to shape them, so here's a fun tutorial to show you how. Click on the link.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

T-shirt to halter

My little monkey has a ton of t-shirts. The only problem is some of them just look too boyish, so she usually just wears them to bed. I saw this tutorial on you tube that shows how to make tees into cute halter tops. It was so easy. I can't wait to make more. Check out the tutorial.

Jean's weight loss meal

Our friends Steph, and Jean both lost a ton of weight during the Stanley Streamer weigh loss challenge. This is one of the meal they ate regularly that we now eat in our home. It's super easy, taste good, and is low fat.
Ingredients: ground turkey, chopped onions, sliced pepper bells, seasoning of your choice, low sodium soy sauce, and cooked rice.

Brown ground turkey, add seasoning, bell peppers, and onions. Cook until veggies are tender. Serve over cooked rice (I like white, but Jean likes brown rice). Top with soy sauce, and watch the fat melt off.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pin cushions

I found this on Heather Bailey blog site. She has so much talent. I love how these pin cushions turned out. Now if only I wasn't so intimated by my sewing machine. I just might give this project a try. I'll just have to put this on my to do list, and keep dreaming...

It's strawberry shortcake time

I love strawberry shortcakes. Especially during the summer when strawberries are in season. Bisquick has a easy recipe. My little monkey enjoys mixing up a batch for the family, and herself

Homemade red chili enchiladas

My mother in law wrote a New Mexico family cookbook called Flora's Kitchen. I make many of the recipes inside this wonderful book. I can't wait until my daughter make these delicious recipes for her family. Thank you Grandma "Mero".

You need to make red chili 1st. You'll need a bag of dried red chili.

Take pods out of bag, and place in large bowl. Add warm water, and soak until soft. The pods will float to the top, so place a heavy lid on top to keep pods submerged in the water.

It will look like this after a few hours. Next you will need to remove pod tops, and most of the seeds inside. I do this by tearing off tops, and running under water. Afterwards place pods into your blender. Add peeled clove garlic (about 4), 1/2 tbsp salt, and a can of chicken broth. Blend until smooth. Add more chicken broth if it is too thick.
Sauce will look like this when done.
To assemble your enchiladas you will need the following ingredients: corn tortillas, shredded longhorn cheese, shredded chicken, sliced black olives, chopped white onion (or green onion), and your homemade red chili sauce.
Start by 1st lining pan with sauce. Hand tear your corn tortillas to cover bottom of pan.
Add 1st layer of shredded chicken, layer on cheese, onion, olives, and then sauce. Begin next layer with shredded corn tortillas then repeat steps over, and over again until pan is completely full. The top layer should always be cheese, sauce, and olives. Bake at 345 degrees for 1 hour. Check periodically for browning. If cheese is getting to brown cover with foil.
Additional note: Shredded chicken is easy to make. I usually buy a whole chicken and boil in water. (I usually use the chicken broth to prepare my sauce with). Once chicken is cooked, and cooled. Remove skin, and fat. Shred the meat. Season with salt, and pepper.
I usually prepare the sauce, and shredded chicken in advance, and freeze in batches. This way half the work is done. This dish is delicious, and worth all the hard work. Your friends, and family will love it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cod Liver anyone?

In all my life I never thought I would be downing a spoonful of cod liver oil on a daily basis, but I'm a believe now. My skin looks awesome! At my age, you start seriously investing time, and energy in finding the fountain of youth. Mine is cod liver oil. Carlson sells a version with lemon added to it's cod liver, so it's not too bad. It soften the skin and decreases wrinkles.

Smokey eyes

I'm finally starting to get this make up stuff! All my trys, and errors are starting to pay off. I also found a new mascara that I love. It's L'oreal Double Extend Lashes, so go get a tube you'll love it.