Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creative children photos

If your like me and love taking pictures of your monkeys then here is a twist to the traditional standard poses. In my line of work, I offer see professional photos of many photographers. The ones that I've been draw to lately have been the creative one I see with fun props, and beautiful backgrounds, and of course happy children. All these beautiful, imaginative images inspired me to combine my love of crafting with photography.
I decided to play amateur photographer with my monkeys. First creating props like the Legos camera that my son made, and I hot glued together. A plain frame I picked up at Michaels and painted with acrylic paint. I picked up a few lollipops, and silly string which I purchased at the local dollar store. Our family pet Bloom was a must in these pictures.
Once all the props were made, and all the outfits were picked out. I set up theme sessions with my kids, and scouted for a location. Thankfully the wildflowers in my area are in bloom, so that made for a terrrific background for my photos. I also saved a few inspirations photos of professional work, on my phone, to help with creating a nice pose.
The preparation time is the consuming part. The photo session were very short, and the kids had a blast seeing the results. I hope you pick up a camera and think of imaginative way to photograph your little monkeys.

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