Thursday, August 23, 2012

Felt owl wreath

This time of year I always get the crafting bug. The holidays are right around the cross, so I made time to reorganize my crafting supplies. There is nothing worst then trying to create a project, and getting frustrated trying to find what you are looking for! I decided to get organized first, so my time crafting would be enjoyable instead of craziness. I first took some time to check our all my local crafting magazine. I can't afford to purchase each one, so I take a few pictures on my phone for inspirations, and I also check out  to help me with project ideas.
Felt fabric is in abundance in my house, so I decided to make a wreath with a felt owl, and flowers. I purchased 3 foam plumbing tubes from Home Depot, cut to side, and taped.  It's cheaper to make your own wreath then purchasing one at the craft store. Cost about $4 bucks for 3 tubes. I wrapped each one in burlap strips.  Then I cut out the felt shapes and hand stitched the face pieces with thread. I then sewed the perimeter leaving the base for last. I stuffed with poly-fil, and stitched the remaining open end. I use a hot glue gun to assemble all the pieces on to the wreath. I did not glue the owl on because I wanted to be able to remove it if I wanted to. Felt is fun, and easy to be creative with. If you get the crafting itch give it a try.

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