Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jute twine hair accessory

I love burlap, brown paper bags, and Jute twine. Something about these soft brown, rustic textures are right up my alley for home decor, and crafting. I have a container of fabric flowers I made a few months ago in my craft storage. I decided to make my monkey a hair accessory using Jute twine as the head band. The twine grips well to the hair and does not shift, but I would not use it as an everyday hair accessory. It is a little too course for that. I used it primarily for nice pictures of my daughter.
All I did was hot glue 3 separate pieces to the back of the fabric flowers, and secured to her head with a bow knot.  
Here's how to make the flowers: Free hand cut squares out of fabric. Fold square piece in half, and stitch the open side. Now add the next folded square piece to the same thread line. Repeat steps 4-6 times depending on how many petals you want for your flower. Once all your desired petals are on gently push against the thread to form each petal. The tension will create a circular pattern. Play with shapes of each petal. Once petals are shaped to your desire, tie the open end of the thread to secure shape.  Now cut out smaller fabric squares to make the center of the flower. I topped off with a button. You can hand stitch all pieces together, or hot glue for a faster finish.  Use as a hair accessories, embellishment for shirts, jackets, bags, hats, etc...

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