Thursday, August 23, 2012

Felt flower wreath

I originally thought I would use a felt owl as the centerpiece, but I decided against it. The wildflowers in my area are in full bloom, so I decided to add felt flowers instead. I purchased plumbing tubing at the hardware store for about $4 bucks. I then hot glued strips of burlap, and then added felt flowers, and leaves.
 The flowers are easy to make here's how:  Cut a circle out of the felt fabric. Then start cutting from the perimeter of the circle ,in a circular direction, towards the center. Once this is completed, start from the center of the felt shape and start forming a flower by wrapping in a circular fashion. It's much easier than it sounds. Cut out leave shapes and hot glue leaves, and flowers to the burlap wreath.  This project took about a half an hour, and was fun.

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